You all know home boy strangeways is an old NYHC kid? Well Wappingers Falls anyway. Why the long face honey? Anyway our man moves to Phoenix 10 years ago and if I didnt know better, between Windigo 8 years back and the incredible shit he is doing now with Greenhaven, rock with a ton of classic DLR in his good day, cliche, tits, ass, fast cars, Foghat, desert culture and some other wierdness in the metal riffin' rock, I would think paote was somewhere in the mix. Whatever the case Greenhavens first full on Humble Recordings is everything rock and for some serious musicians not afraid to have fun and tear it apart and recieve great regional and over seas acclaim (cough cough Kerrang) and work it, there is no stopping this band. Its one of those things you just have to go get, otherwise i don't know what else to tell you.