Bill Schumann-drums
Jay Hofer- guitars, vocals
Matt Strangwayes- vocals
Uncle Dave- bass, vocals

Before Greenhaven, Uncle Dave was working day jobs in the fishing industry and living in abandoned buildings in Tucson. Those were the good 'ol days. The next few years were full of trouble. When he was captured in August of 2003 a paper proclaimed that he had been arrested 16 times, twice as many as Mark Farner in his entire lifetime. He was just getting started. In the years to come he was charged for infractions such as "fracturing a man's jaw," "knocking down a woman's door," "being stabbed in an Amsterdam Avenue bar brawl," "drunken bicycling," and "breaking a college student's jaw with his foot." His escapades were reported widely on the covers of cheap tabloids and in the slurred voices of downtown gin joints.
-excerpt from "Gypsy from Poughkeepsie, the Tragedy of Uncle Dave"

2006 finds Greenhaven catching their full stride. The release of the "Southbound" 7inch and its corresponding video opened many critical eyes to the emergence of this special unit from Phoenix. A New Times award for "Best Hard Rock Band" only confirmed what many already suspected, these fellas are out for blood. The rapier like riffing of Jay Hofer, the cocksure wordplay of Matt Strangwayes, Bill Schumann's technical recklessness, and the freakish lack of respect with which Uncle Dave treats his instrument have established Greenhaven as one of the most promising bands in the country.
"The Last Powerful Second" is their first CD.

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