Wow, so this is what has been happening across the great red earth known as Arizona! Voted the best new metal band in Phoenix, here comes metal/doom gods Greenhaven and watch the hell out folks because judging by their two song 7", these guys are here to slay.

The first tune, Supernature, is a metal doom testament to all that is heavy. Slow, plodding and heavy with a psychedelic edge that really gets under the skin and into the senses. This is a righteous tune built for times of drug or alcohol induced dementia and/or your basic state of emotional/psychological unrest. Love the lyrics, and love the way the song snakes it's way up to the psychedelic heights it reaches. Wicked tune! Then comes the fun, punkier 'Southbound' which, according to the video is about our anti-hero getting the girl(s) and defeating the epitome of whitetrash while lording it over him in a game of winner takes all pool.

These two songs could have been done by two different bands but nope, the vocals and the music style are that of the same band. The vocals really are suited for this type of metal/punk doom collision and I love the style these guys project - we're here to kick your asses! Unfortunately this is only two songs!! Guys!! Why??? Send more paramedics. You can download both tunes off the 7" on the bands site here Greenhaven and their video for Southbound. I highly suggest that you invest the money in the band's 7" and stay true.


Deanna St. Croix