GREENHAVEN - The Last Powerful Second
Review by John Pegoraro (
Humble Recordings
Release date: 2005

The Last Powerful Second starts off with a bang and a cry of “Hell yeah!” My initial impression of this Arizona four-piece was a sort of Powertrip-era Monster Magnet, but with more bite and less eye on Vegas schlock.

But overall, The Last Powerful Second sounds less like the Magnet than it does Clutch. While “Waterloo” starts with cowbell and ends with an ass-kicking, the rest of the album is content to ride a mid-paced groove that falls somewhere after The Elephant Riders. I`d say it`s most apparent on “Kitty Jo” and “Seven Miles to Saturn,” but The Last Powerful Second as a whole mines the same sort of territory. It`s not bad at all - in fact, it`s pretty damn good – but there is a stronger-than-average familiarity to it. The end of the album, including the too-short instrumental “Space Leapers” and the heavy, slow crunch of “Ape,” takes Greenhaven into a more unique place.

I`d say The Last Powerful Second is worth checking out if you`re a fan of Clutch, Puny Human, Eldemur Krimm, and other bands that offer a strong combination of riffs, musical dexterity, and quirky lyrics. It`s good time space rock with an arid desert vibe.