, January 2004

Review by: Rob Wrong (
7" Vinyl

This is a short metal demo from Tempe`s`s definitely not what I expected… Greenhaven has a sound that reminds me of bands from the Phoenix area. It`s more of an upbeat metal sound that is almost tongue in cheek with the lyrics. This is most certainly not your average stoner rock sounding band.

Southbound is an upbeat song with meaty chops on the guitars, double bass and an almost late 80`s punk feel to it, but more of the fun punk bands rather than hardcore. This is more of a fun sing along tune complete with vocal harmonies. Hehehe...even though this isn`t a song I would just sit down and listen to, I can`t help but like made me crack a smile, I`ll just leave it at that:)

The second song Supernature is a lot different than the first song. It`s got more of a slower doom feel, again talented seasoned players in this band and it especially shows on this song. This song has an eerie feel to it, heavy- creepy and chunky...all about the metal. I am throwing goats all the way listening to this song.

You almost wouldn`t guess that both songs are by the same band, but if you listen closely they are...I want more than two songs though to strike up any serious interest if you know what I mean, what the fuck Greenhaven! Anyhow, a more complete album might give me a better idea where their sound really is, but it’s a decent demo and shows lots more good times ahead.