Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The biggest problem with Greenhaven's "Southbound" is that it's only two tracks. To be fair, the CD is really not much more than the digital version of their popular 7" single but two tracks is really never enough to get a feel for a band.

Still, "Southbound" has a lot going for it. The eponymous first track is a fast-paced track that sounds like somebody blended Powerman 5000 with the Foo Fighters. It's got an irresistible chorus, chunky guitars and a blistering solo in the exact right place. The sound could almost be described as stoner rock but it's a little too fast for that.

The second track is a little different. "Supernature" is a slower paced track, bringing to mind early, spacier Black Sabbath. The stoner rock label fits here a little better. 

Both tracks are solid rockers featuring very talented musicians. And The New Times recently named the band Phoenix's Best Hard Rock Band. "Southbound" certainly whet my appetite for more Greenhaven and I hope it won't be long before we hear some.

Also on the CD is a well-done video for "Southbound."