Greenhaven (U.S.)- s/t 7"/CD (2003 Nonemore Music/2004 Humble Recordings)

I've been asking myself for two years of whatever happened to Pavement Music's Windigo. The band broke up I would assume and since then Pavement has become Crash Music, Inc..

So now we have Greenhaven, a robust Stoner Rock band with ex-Windigo vocalist Matt Strangeways and ex-members of a band called Love Not Human. The result is still the Bluesy-Acid-dripping goodness that one would remember from the days of Windigo. This Cd also contains a CD-Rom video for "Southbound". The song itself is on the CD with "Supernature". Fans of Windigo or bands you're familiar with like St. Vitus, Pentagram, Count Raven or Revelation will enjoy them. Get out the green buds.