The party record of the year has arrived.

Oh man, what a great record! I was already pretty enthusiastic about this band's "Southbound" 7" but this, their first full-length, is even better than I expected. Their style of music can best be described as old fashioned boogie hard rock, with the heaviness of contemporary stoner rock and also a genuine sense of humor. And singer Matt Strangwayes is like David Lee Roth without the Liberace leanings! Much of the lyrics are about the good things in life (i.e. sex, drugs & rock'n'roll) although they're not afraid to take a look at some of its darker side effects (mainly "Flunky"). What else can I say about this record except that it's very probably the hard rock album of the year? See if you can sit still when the tempo goes up in "Limousine", or if you can resist raising your fist in the air and yelling "Hey!" during the impossibly catchy "Kitty Jo". If you're a serious lover of good hard rock music it just can't be done! Furthermore their lyrics mention THIN LIZZY and they rhyme "hotels" with "femme fatales". How cool is that!!? Forget bloated has-beens like Axl. There is no way that "Chinese Democracy" is going to be better than "The Last Powerful Second". Speaking of which, why isn't this band hyped and signed to a big major yet? Some things in life are just so unfair!