Phoenix New Times website 3/22/04
With only a seven-inch vinyl single on the streets (sleeved in a cover showing the Greenhaven Mobile Home Park in east Phoenix) and a lone video on their Web site chronicling the adventures of a repo truck driver taking in a 2-for-1 night at Jugheads, the members of Greenhaven have fashioned a quick image of themselves as pool-playing, trucker-hat-wearing stoners with a penchant for Black Sabbath-style hard rock. Turns out there’re a lot of those types in the Valley -- who knew? -- and, as the single continues to catch fire with the national punk press, the band is gaining a wide audience of soul partners from outside the city limits as well. Fronted by singer Matt Strangwayes, formerly of the Pavement Music band Windigo, Greenhaven surely has more in store. For now, the quartet is riding its rollicking truck-driving anthem “Southbound” as far down the interstates as it will take them.