Phoenix New Times, April 2003
Best Loud Rock

Fans thought Matt Strangwayes was crazy to woodshed so long following the demise of Windigo, local favorites and two-time New Times Music Showcase award winners. But few could've predicted his layoff would help unearth Greenhaven, an aggregation more akin to the Fantastic Four. For the incredible stretching man, you've got Uncle Dave's flexing fingers that wrap around the bass like anacondas. His prog-rock prowess is tempered by hotheaded guitarist Jay Hofer and the nearly invisible but nonetheless pulverizing support of drummer Bill Schumann. And not unlike Ben Grimm, Strangwayes leads the clobberin' time charge with a deft mixture of the abnormal and the absurd. Who else would give equal props to Motörhead and The Jeffersons theme in the same set? -- Serene Dominic