by Craig Regala

Full-on kickass (fast, but not so fast it loses traction) tapping into the rocker yee-haw! mystique between Thin Lizzy's "Are You Ready to Rock?" the Dead Teenager label's aesthetic of dirt metal Motörheadism's vs. amped-up scum rock/punk, and early Dee-troit MC5/Nugent chug-grunt, all whilst dipping into quality sullen acidic burn a cut below mid-tempo. The three cuts are all different and good, but it's hard to get a grip on the overall what the fuck, ya know? Obviously, these guys are ready (if they have another five or six songs this good and a couple cool covers beneath their bullet belts) to wax a full-length. The video portion firms up the roadhouse/trucker/biker/kickass chicks-in-halter-tops'n'blue-eye-shadow in a way that seemlessly integrates everything great about bathing in beer, blood, and boobs. If you can't bite this, you're toothless, bro. Go to the site and load up.