Lollipop Magazine

The Last Powerful Second
by Craig Regala

These guys go for a trimmed-down hard rock that's got a few grunge-era goodies tucked away, as well as a Clutch record or two, and maybe an opening gig for Fu Manchu. Much like up and comers Year Long Disaster, these guys have a certain allegiance to taunt and classic rock, kinda like Soundgarden
did for their last couple discs. Chunky and riff-filled, tinged with boogie and without any wanking/jamming (OK, you get over a minute and a half into "Earthquake" and there's some nice string tweaking), the 10 tunes on The Last Powerful Second clock a bit over 28 minutes. I'd bet they'd be comfortable throwing around '80s rocker covers/memories (Angel City anyone?
Anyone?!?) as mulch for their songs.

Inspirational line: "Mary-ann was prettier, but Maggie had the beer." For those about to rock with Atomic Bitchwax, Paw, Fu Manchu, Amps II Eleven, Shame Club, and Backyard Babies.