Phoenix biker metal ass-kickers Greenhaven lay down the boot heel crunch on these two scorching odes to pussy and beer. “Southbound” (which is also a bitchin’ video, featuring hot chicks and tow trucks and guys smashing up the joint with pool cues, on the bonus enhanced CD) has the same kind of Southern riff n’ roll superboogie stomp as Scissorfight, cut like fine cocaine with smooth, ego-star vox and a bloozy ZZ Top-ped guit solo. “Supernature” goes for the stoner-doom- grease-grunge vibe, and nails it. Heavy as hell, this one, and evil as a three headed dog. I tell ya, Greenhaven just knocked me right the fuck out with this double-dose of chest thumping motor rock. Check these fuckers out, they’re the real deal.