Hellride Music, September 2003
- by Chris Barnes

Hellride Music

Huge-riffed hard rock bordering on metal, fueled on alcohol, good bud, and Carlos Castaneda-ish mysticism-meets Bukowski-like drinking tales, all steeped under a hot Phoenix sun. This is Greenhaven.

Although I only have two songs to go on, “Southbound” and “Supernature” are very, VERY impressive. “Southbound” reminds me of Zakk Wylde via Ted Nugent, and “Supernature” reminds me of Zakk Wylde via Ted Nugent experiencing peyote-enhanced visions with Tony Iommi under the desert sky. The first is pure balls n’ testosterone, the second marked with heavy, chunky riffs and percussion, all conjured with a slightly lysergic and doomed tempo.

If this is any indication of the true songwriting talent of this band, expect good things to come in the future.