Greenhaven-Southbound Promo CD

Humble Recordings

Originally released as a 7" incl. an enhanced cd which contains the "Southbound" Video, I only got a promo cd for the review, damned, I love vinyl and 7" are sexy. Hell yeah, Ladies & Gentlemen this little piece rawxxx. The cd kicks of with the track "Southbound" an uptempo rocker with good hooklines and a brilliant chorus. Thatīs the way I want my RīnīR!!! On
the flipside you will find "Supernatural" an Black Sabbath influenced tune wich comes slowly creeping through your speakers into your ears. And by the way folks a fuckinī brilliant sound.The "Southbound" video is coooool. The singer of GREENHAVEN is the "good guy" and he wins in the end and leave the place with two nice chicks, not bad…not bad hahaha!