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Here’s a track from Greenhaven’s new-ish album, “The Last Powerful Second”. Coincidentally, they’re also from Arizona. Tucson, to be exact. As the name sorta implies, Greenhaven run mostly with the stoner rock hordes, but they’re actually a lot more dynamic than your average bowlscraper, offering
up some desperately heavy motherfuckery that straddles arena-grunge and Southern dope-boogie with eazy, greazy grace. They’re like the white Danko Jones, or something. I am entirely unsure why these cats aren’t giants already. They certainly sound like mountain-eaters. Maybe it’s got something
to do with all the pot smoking. Anyway, here’s one of my faves from ‘em, “Flunky”. If you dig it, check them out at their website:

Greenhaven – Flunky

Stay rock.