GREENHAVEN - "The Last Powerful Second" CD '06 (Private, US) - Wow. Hey, c'mon guys & gals out there, are you paying attention?!?! I said WOW! What do I have to do to get a reaction around here?! Anyway, now that I've got your attention, a thought has come to me. It seems that, with all the cool stuff going on overseas in the real RAWK department, it was about Goddamn time for somebody on this side of the Atlantic to take the bull by the horns and really lay the wood to it. I know Dirty Power did it in 2003 and Bible Of The Devil is threatening to do it any day now, for the 3rd time in 4 years but I'm talking 'bout right now. Well, the somebody is Arizona's GREENHAVEN and the right fucking now is "The Last Powerful Second." This is what, in the lingo of the day, we call "the shit." This is something big, honcho. This is something that a genre-tag cannot hope to stop, it cannot even pray to contain it. This is not stoner, doom or any of that other shit, which as much as I like it, is not a stinking patch on the ass of the real, true, git-down in between RAWK. This is (thank you, Mr. Angstrom) BIG RAWK! This is the stuff that has no name, it is he who walks behind the rows of Marshalls and clubs you over the head. It's the stuff that happens only once in a blue moon when you walk into a bar in some far-off town, shake off the cold, realize you're not Bob Seeger & get your ever-loving ass kicked into Bumfuck County by a bunch of scruffy dudes who's idea of "real" is sitting in a Camaro listening to "Fair Warning" or AC-fucking-DC & worshipping rock because it kicks ass, not because they might get some chick by being in a band. But, if they get the chick that would be cool, too, of course. GREENHAVEN understands THE RAWK. The understand the vibe, they understand the feel and they understand the power. They understand why it's cool to use a Strat. They understand why Mark Farner was a cooler guitarist than Steve Vai will ever be. They start this album with a rock hard erect mother called "Waterloo" and they keep on going through freaking great songs like "Limousine," "Kitty Joe" & "Seven Miles To Saturn" until you think you can't take any more and then they unload even better ones to the tune of "Space Leapers," "Ape" & "River God." GREENHAVEN is as real and honest-to-God as any band you're ever likely to hear and on this album they get hard on the rawkin' train & bring it to you as well as anybody has since the day "Appetite For Destruction" hit the shelves (or "Rocks" or....for that matter). You know what else? They have a singer who reminds me of Black Oak's Jim Dandy Mangrum. Lawd, you can't get much better than this.