Adrenalin Fanzine

Darren's Review - This is the second time I have reviewed Greenhaven. The first time through was only a 2 song demo. I remember thinking there was some promise there. Their uptempo hard driving debut full-length album opens up with a bang with tracks "Waterloo and Earthquake". The production/engineering is of professional nature. All instruments are represented well in the mix, just as they are played. As the album progresses it does feel as though it kinda lags. Then it gets better. Tracks "Kitty Jo" and "Seven Miles to Saturn" do a good job of kicking it up a notch. The short instrumental track "Space Leapers" is great! The album closes with a mid-tempo crusher "Ape" and "River God". I must say I am pleased. Not every track is killer, but it is pretty rare you find that. I dig rock and roll acts that are truly good at what they do. I feel Greenhaven is tight and are comfortable in there element. A great rock release. Recommended!