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Killer Show

We got there as the first act was setting up. It was good to see the Vegas Boy's again and we exchanged greetings and friendly conversation.

Page The Village Idiot was first up. The introduction was" Hi, Im Page; Let's Rock!" A one man show, playing a guitar and singing humorous songs about living in Mesa, and Dead Rock Stars. A real gutbuster of Laughter, Satire, and Rock and Roll Meyhem. Very entertaining.

The Last Vegas were up Next. They busted out with a furious and intense set. Their frontman John belted the lyrics precisely and the house was rockin.
I love these guys presentation and all around Rock n Roll sound. I especially liked the cover of Bloody Mess's "Cheerleader for Death"; but every one of The Last Vegas' songs rock seriously hard! Check them out in a town near you.

Next up was Bible of The Devil. On tour with the Last Vegas, and also form the Chicago area. I realy dug their sound. It was like a thoughtful and repsectful tribute to killer influences such as bands like Iron Maiden and Clutch; blended with their own personal style and messages. The band was no stranger to ripping hair raising leads and solos. Killer breakdowns into groovin rythms was also a noteworthy point. High energy, great performance. I reccomend Bible of the Devil.

The last band to play was Mesa Natives, GreenHaven.
These guys have a very cool stage presence. Their music is very inticate and precise. Blending elements of 70's, 80's, and 90's rock and roll, like Van Halen
to the intensity driving force of the Ramones. The lead vocalist has a tight and very precise, yet pronounced vocal ability. It was a fusion of Modern Rock n Roll topped off with a very creative and interesting Celtic/Irish overtones. Very Cool indeed.